September 30, 2023


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Getting Started with Organic Farming: Simple Steps for Sustainable Agriculture

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Today’s lifestyle has become like this. People don’t have time to run, eat and drink. Looking at all these, one thing is sure somewhere inside that whatever is going on is not going well. But we have to keep ourselves in rhythm and keep healthy. That’s why everyone has become health conscious and the demand for organic products has increased a lot due to the increased awareness of healthy lifestyles.

The thing for which rapid growth is visible in both domestic demand and exports. You probably already know how beneficial organic farming is. Nevertheless, let us tell you that organic farming is very beneficial for our health and for our environment. This type of farming improves the agricultural cycle. It has also reduced the import of pesticides and other foreign fertilizers to a great extent and has also increased employment and it has also been ensured that the future of the organic products industry is very bright. In such a situation, first of all, you can be happy that we are coming on the right track regarding our health. Slowly right and then you can also think about your profit through this organic farming. And if you are interested in organic farming and also want to grow by offering the best health products to people, then you can think about the organic farming business idea and you will get detailed information about it in today’s Article. Will go So invest the next few minutes.

Let’s get started on this video. First of all, let us understand what is organic farming. Organic farming is a title of farming in which organic means organic fertilizers and natural pesticides are used, not chemicals. And in this farming, no genetic modification is done to increase the yield of the crop. It is an agricultural process in which biological fertilizers and pest control made from animal and plant waste are used instead of chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers. It is a new system of farming, that repairs, maintains, and improves the ecological balance.

Organic farming is not only environmentally friendly and nutritional, but it also gives good returns on investment. That is, it is a profitable business idea for us in every way. And now after knowing what is organic farming, let us know what are the important steps to start an organic farming business. Number one first launch the basics of organic farming. Before starting this business, you should know the basics of organic farming. For this, you can take the help of videos, tutorials, and online forums. By doing this, you will be able to know more and more about the natural way of farming and will be able to interact easily with such farmers and businessmen who are active in any area. That’s why before thinking about business, clear the basics.

There are many methods of organic farming. BioDynamics, Foam Farming, Based Management, Poly Cropping and Crop Diversity, Micro Culture, Vermi Composting, Soil Conservation with Water Harvesting. You should have their knowledge and also know which would be the best method for production. Prepare a business plan on number two only. After understanding the basics of organic farming, you will know a lot about this business and after that, it will be easy for you to prepare your business plan. And you already know that if you want to do business then first of all it is very important to have a clear business plan.

Therefore, keeping in mind the needs of the business, prepare a plan in which all these points will definitely be included. Your goals, your business vision, and the variety of organic products you plan to grow. Strategy to handle the competition available in this sector, Required investment, Detail, Business proposal, Extra comes at number three. Choose the Right Point The site plays a huge role in the success of any business, and the location of an organic farm often decides how successful the venture will be. Therefore, definitely find out these things about the organic farm site whether there is a clean water source or not, which is also near the site. The distance of the farm from the market should also be less so that easy transport can be done. What are you going to grow? While deciding, you have to take complete information about the soil condition of the site, what is the pH level of the soil, and the soil quality apart from these, you will also have to take complete information about other resources. Whether the weather is seasonal, extreme, suitable for organic production or not, all such necessary conditions have to be known.

The area for this business will depend on your scale, which can be five acres of land as well as 10 acres. Number four comes in. Get a license for your business. You will need a license. GST Registration Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Development ie MSME Registration. Food Safety and Standard Authority of India i.e. SS, SBI Registration, and POP i.e. National Program for Organic Production’s Organic Farming Certificate. You can also get government aid to start an organic farming business Because NABARD i.e. National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development offers Capital Investment Subsidy for this type of farming, which is twenty-five percent for purchasing Biological Fertilizers from the Pesticide Unit. A thirty-three percent subsidy is offered for organic farming of Vegetables and Fruits and if you want you can also avail of the benefit of a credit-linked subsidy. Will put an estimate of investment on number five only.

Now if you want to know how much amount is required to set up an organic farming business at the initial level, then this initial finance will be between 5 to 10 lakhs, in which variation will be available according to your business plan and production level. Focus on target clients at number six.

After setting up the business, you have to focus on the target clients, and all the clients you should focus on for this business are Hotels and Commercial Industries. Farmer’s Market, Coffee Cafe, Retail Grocery Outlet. With a focus on sector-wise target clients, you can use e-commerce for brand building and create loyal clients through digital marketing, which will contribute immensely to your business growth.

Number seven is to purchase raw material equipment. You will also need such raw materials for organic farming. Groundwater extract fennel, neem seeds, neem oil milk, honey, manicure, cow, urine, and some such weapons will also be required, such as tractors, cultivators, which include rotating knives, automated and combined cultivators, hiring staff on extra number eight. As far as the staff is concerned, you will need at least and maximum of five workers. Those who know how to use the right equipment and machines will also need to have knowledge of all the necessary precautions and safety measures.

After doing all this, that is, after completing these eight steps, you will start the business of organic farming. But you should also know how to work with patience. Because if you think that you will get organic fruits and vegetables overnight then it is not going to happen. Growing organic crops is a slow process, the products of which are great, but they will not be achieved without patience. That’s why it is very important to keep your patience in the business and remain an assistant.

So take maximum detailed knowledge about your organic farming business. Make a complete strategy according to the suitable crop and then start a business that will not only give you profit but will also contribute to improving the health and ecosystem of your country. You will definitely get its satisfaction, which will always encourage you to work hard continuously. That’s why stay motivated. Go ahead and start thinking about executing this business idea right now.

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