September 30, 2023


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Launching Your Dry Flower Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

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You love gardens and love gardening. If yes, then you can convert this beautiful hobby into a business and start a very profitable business at a very low cost. How and which business? If you are thinking this, then know that you have a golden chance to start the business of Dried Plants, which is a very profitable business idea all over the world. Because every year dry plants worth crores of rupees are exported from India. You are surprised, aren’t you? but it’s true. These dried plants i.e. dried flowers are exported from India to 20 countries like USA, Japan, and Europe.

India is one of the largest exporters of dry plants export because of the variety of such plants available here. By the way, only plants are understanding the meaning of bright colors. So let me tell you that apart from plants, dry stem cells, words, etc. also come in the joint plants coming under this business. That is, if the parts inside the plant are also included in it, then it is good, but where would the use of bright colors be, this is a wonderful question. They are used in handmade paper, lamp shades, candle stands, jute bags, photo frames, boxes, wall decorations, cards, and many more gift items. That’s why there is a lot of demand for good and high-quality drive plants and with this money, a good income can be made in the first year. The good thing is that you can start this business from your home too.

So in such a situation, you should know more and more about these dry plants so that you can think about this business. So in today’s Article, we are going to talk about starting drive plants so invest the next few minutes. Let’s start and learn the important steps that are necessary to start your own dry plant. The first step is to prepare a business plan. It may be that now you feel that what will be the need for a plan for this business. Only drive plants have to be sold. Simple but you should not think like this at all because it is done by business. Whatever it may be, then the business plan can take every business to heights. If it is made properly then that is all you have to do in this base plan. This means all the details have to be added to it. Your startup cost, ongoing cost, target market, company name, product price, etc.

Now if we see the ongoing cost here, it will depend on whether you are going to plant yourself or buy from wholesalers and as a target market. Initially, you will have to search for people who make decorative items like lampshades, bags, and candle holders, which require dry plants. Next comes the next step, do number two market research. You may have been gardening for a long time or you may be completely new to the area. But in both conditions, you have to understand the market, because there is a lot of difference in both the hobbies of gardening. So find out the demand for dried plants in your nearby market.

You should know who your competitors are in that market and how they are doing business so that you can come up with unique features for your business. The third step is, to understand very well how to make a drive plant. If you’re going to grow plants yourself, you’ll need to learn how to make bright plants. But even if you are going to buy and sell it from a wholesaler, you should learn how to prepare dried plants. The more details you know about your business, the more useful it will be. That’s why we know that the process involves selecting the right crop, harvesting, and drawing techniques.

Let’s get complete information about them. So first of all selection of suitable crop is a very important part of this business. That’s why you should know which plants lose their mental value after drying. Don’t select them. Find evergreen plants that are easy to grow and dry. Now, although there are many varieties of plants, that are in demand in the dried plants farm, dried roses, dried floaters, cotton plants, and lavender, all these plants have a very high demand in the market.

Now let’s talk about harvesting, this stage varies according to different species of plants. That’s why it is important to know the harvesting stage of your selected plants. By the way, the plants that are harvested in the fully open stage get dry soon. Whereas harvesting in tight bird or farm open stage takes a long time to dry them.

Now learned about drawing techniques, There are many techniques used in preparing dried and mental plants such as drawing, press drawing, embedded drawing, oven drawing, glycerin drawing, and drawing. That’s why you have to use the right drawing technique. Dry the plants with any of these techniques, after that, you can pass them and sell them. Now further you have to pay attention to the packaging as well. Talking about dry plants. It is very important because bright plants are very delicate, so extra care is needed in their packaging and storage. For this, you have to protect them from all kinds of damage. Come on, you have already understood the method of preparing a bright plant.

Then now let’s go to the next step. Step number four is registration and license. Register your business, in which you can start small, or medium businesses, which will be either a proprietorship or partnership firm. Apart from this, you will need GST registration, MSME or SS I registration, BIS certification, trade license, and trademark registration.

The fifth step is, to find out how much investment will have to be made. You can start this business even on very little land and for this, you have to prepare a good flower garden. For this, you will have to invest 1.5 lakh rupees to start the business or products and if you follow the right business plan, then every month you will easily earn 20 to 30000 rupees, and with the growth of your business, the profit will also increase. And if you are going to start it from a small area of your house, then this amount can be less.

The next 6th step is to set the company name and product price. If you keep the name of your company simple, then it will be easy for people to remember it and their approach will also move towards it. Therefore, instead of complicated names, prefer simple and catchy, and before setting the price of your product i.e. dry plants, observe the price running in the market well and then set the price of your product according to the price of the local market.

At this time, if you can give any offer, then it will attract customers quickly. You also know this. So if you can do something unique like this then definitely plan. Apply Now comes step number seven. Promote your business If you want to reach more and more customers as soon as possible, then definitely make your website so that your company and products can be known and they can connect with you. Make full use of social media in the promotion of your business so that you can get new clients and customers. If you want, you can also sell on websites like, and selling your products in Handicrafts Fair can also be a good option. You can also sell it at your retail store.

So friends, in this way you can easily start a bright color scented business and start making profits very quickly. So if this business idea is going to be suitable for you, you are getting vibes, then start doing complete market research about it and prepare such a plan that no one can stop your business from being successful.

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