September 30, 2023


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Level Up: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Start Your Own Gaming Company

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By the way, almost all age groups like to play games. There was a time when video games with triple line one used to come and kids used to get engrossed in that. Then came tremendous games like Super Mario and PUBG that have made people crazy all over the world. Due to the increasing use of the internet and advanced technology in India, the experience of playing games is getting better. That is why the business of online gaming is becoming a profitable business model.

Today in this Article you will learn how you can open a gaming company. Talking about the Indian gaming industry, according to the data of the Internet and Mobile Association of India i.e. IAMAI, at present the market value of the Indian gaming industry is about one point one billion dollars, which will reach 6 to 7 billion dollars by 2025.

The growth rate of the gaming industry was up to 40% from 2019 to 2020 and it is ahead of OTT television and social media platforms. Today’s gaming industry is based on cloud computing, where everything is hosted on the company’s servers. Gone are the days of playing games with a DVD in it. Now on the internet, you can play games with players sitting in any corner of the world.

Games like PUBG and Free Fire come under the category of cloud gaming. Now let’s talk about starting a gaming company, First of all, the company has to be registered. For this, you can choose the option of Proprietorship Firm, Partnership Firm, Limited Liability Partnership i.e. LLP, Private Limited Company, or Public Limited Company. If the gaming company is registered as a private limited company, then a minimum of two shareholders and two directors will be required. Or if you are thinking of registering a Private Limited Company in your name alone, then you will have to register it as a personal company and also have a nominee.

The things that will be needed for being a private limited company are at least two members and two shareholders. Company name that is not similar or identical. On the formation of Address Company Share Capital Private Limited Company, there should be a capital of at least ₹ 1 lakh in the company’s account. According to which the share capital is divided among the members, that member will own that percentage. There is no minimum capital requirement in a Limited Liability Partnership. The shares of all the shareholders should be subscribed at the time of company registration. The object of the company will have to be declared in the email address of the company the email IDs of the directors and their mobile numbers. PAN and Aadhaar characters, bank statements, and office or communication addresses are also required.

If there is no information about company registration, then one can talk to a legal advisor, company secretary, or CA. Also, there should be GST registration in the name of the company. Even if the annual turnover is less than 20 lakhs, take the GST number. Because GST will be required while doing tax on a company’s documents while doing billing and while doing legal work or marketing. If you are from a technical background and you have studied game development, graphic designing, and animation. If you are working as a game developer then you can start your own company.

The company’s office registration, manpower, website development system, software, sales, and marketing are many things on which you will have to spend. That’s why being a founder should be your main motive as a founder or CEO. The company will progress only when money is invested in the company. Talking about capital, a gaming company can be started with four to five people in at least 10 to 15 lakhs. 4 to 5 developers and one marketing person will be required. Including everyone’s salary, office rent, and all kinds of expenses. If you are spending two to two and a half lakhs a month, then you will have to bring an income of at least three to five lakhs.

It is not that your income will start as soon as you open the company. That’s why keep your patience level high so that in the coming 5 to 10 years the company can be taken to a profitable output. Well, the gaming company Mainly runs in two ways. Develop your game and see. In this, you create your own game and bring it to the market. But its drawback is that if the games you create don’t play, you can be in trouble. If the situation worsens, the company may be closed.

You can also develop games for others. As a game development company, you can create games for others. With this, you will get your fees as a project and you will not face any financial loss directly if the game is hit or flop and if you developed the game. If people like it, you can get more projects from the market. You will also have to hire a team for the gaming company. At least two people would have to be hired, with one person creating the game’s assets and the other coding and designing them. Employees can also be increased according to their needs. For example, professionals like game developers, game designers, character animators, graphic designers, and game testers are needed in a successful gaming company. So according to your needs and understanding, hire them and start working. After starting the company, you will have to find clients, who can be a gaming company itself, whose projects you can play and deliver to them according to their requirements.

There can be an educational portal, which teaches children through gaming or an animation and VFX studio. Maybe gaming is a creative art, where out-of-the-box thinking has to be shown. What will be the concept, how will the game progress, what will be the features, what will be the levels, what will be the background? How will the characters be? Will the game be adventurous or funny? Such criteria are there considering the requirement of the client that you have to give the output. Developing a game can take anywhere from 1 to 2 months to 1 to 2 years. That’s why you also have to follow the deadline of the client. There is no formula for hit gaming.

If your company is developing games with its own resources, then you have to keep trying. Do not stop trying after one or two games flop and keep the process of development continuous. Like there is no formula to make hit movies. The same happens in gaming. You never know which game people will like. The company that made Angry Birds had previously made more than 50 games. After that Angry Birds proved to be a hit. If we talk about research and development, then like every other sector, the gaming industry is also getting advanced. So you have to make your games innovative and engaging to survive in the market and hence what kind of games are in demand in the market? What will be your USP? What kind of games are the competitors developing? If your existing game demands modification then make necessary changes. Above all, you have to keep doing research and development. With the training of its employees and the latest technology, the company will have to focus on things like upgrading.

When the company makes a game of its own, then you have to launch it online so that online people can play it and you can earn revenue from it. You can sell game sponsorships. You can also earn money by doing product or brand endorsements inside the game. For this, it is necessary for your marketing team to be strong. Before launching an online game, you must have a robust server and database system that can take the load of growing users so that your server does not crash. To provide gaming service on a subscription basis, you must have a bank account in the name of the company which accepts all legal transactions. It is possible that people do not enjoy playing online games, then you will have to make the necessary changes.

You can also earn on a subscription basis when the game becomes a hit. Sometimes the characters of the game become such a hit that things related to them are made and sold. Such as T-shirts, water bottles, bags, toys, wristwatches, caps, etc. If your game becomes a hit, then you also have to reserve all the rights of the games with you. It is possible that this friend of yours will become a hit and a movie can be made about him. Like it happened with Angry Birds, that’s why Confident. You have to keep working on innovative ideas and stories.

If you are studying science in class XI or XII and you have an interest in gaming, then you can think of starting a game development company from now itself. For this, after passing class twelfth, you can study B.Tech in Computer Science, B.Sc Gaming, Animation and Graphic Designing, and Bachelor in Film Making and Animation. After learning all the nuances of game development, increase your sports in any one field and Work for a game development company. After taking 5 to 10 years of experience, you will have got all the knowledge to open your gaming company and then your work will become very easy.

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