MagicAI OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Chat, Code Generator as SaaS Nulled (v3.1.0) Fee Download

MagicAI OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Chat, Code Generator as SaaS Nulled All-in-one SaaS platform to generate AI content and start making money in minutes.


MagicAI Writer is designed to help you generate high-quality texts instantly, without breaking a sweat. With our intuitive interface and powerful features, you can easily edit, export or publish your AI-generated result.


Generate high qualtity images for a wide range of applications, including web design, advertising, and social media. Whether you’re looking to create eye-catching graphics for your business or simply want to experiment with different design concepts, MagicAI is the perfect solution.


Get instant answers to your questions, no matter the topic. Whether you’re looking to book a reservation, get product recommendations, or just chat about the weather, MagicAI is always ready and willing to help.


MagicAI supports the integration of API keys, providing limitless connections. This unique feature allows you to bypass key usage limitations and ensures that your AI interactions run smoothly and uninterruptedly.




NEW: Added GPT-4-Turbo model. NEW: Added Dall-E-3. TWEAK: Improved error handling for image generation output. FIX: Fixed social login not clickable on small screens. FIX: Adjusted display of right-aligned currency position on the home page. FIX: Resolved AI wizard issue for users.


TWEAK: Improved AI wizard article language output. TWEAK: Added exception handling. FIX: Resolved coupon-related errors. FIX: Addressed translation issues. FIX: Fixed query error for total usage. FIX: Added a case for maximum image size to the AI image generator. FIX: Corrected errors in AI image processing. FIX: Improved AI Chat training. FIX: Resolved issues related to Dall-E integration. FIX: Corrected typographical errors. FIX: Translated placeholders. FIX: Ensured the correct translation of plan names. FIX: Fixed translations for workbook titles and payment page. FIX: Resolved storage issues if an article stopped unexpectedly. FIX: Fixed errors related to deleting workbooks. FIX: Resolved issues with chat functionality. FIX: Fixed Unsplash API errors and error messages. FIX: Fixed banner fallback background and made minor style changes. FIX: Fixed-mobile buttons and coupon apply button style errors. FIX: Made sure that migrations will fit all MySQL versions. FIX: Addressed installation errors.

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