September 30, 2023


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Starting Your Event Management Company: A Quick Guide

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We all like events so much, don’t we? That’s why whether it is a large-scale event or a small-scale event, personal or professional, we reach out to participate in them. But do you know that it takes a lot of airports to organize every such event, it takes hard work and nowadays the craze for organizing events has also increased a lot. That’s why event management has emerged as a great career opportunity and has become one of the top trending careers.

Be it informal events like wedding functions, baby shows, bodhi ceremonies or award functions, live events, or entertainment industry-related events, event management is needed everywhere and you know what. Now event management business has become a profitable business in India as everyone has started taking the help of professional event management companies for their special events. That is, there is a lot of scope in this business, but only if you like to manage events in this way. You have a great sense of it.

If client-facing work excites you, teamwork makes you happy, and giving great performance within the time limit is your sport, then starting your own event management company can be the perfect business choice for you. So in today’s Article, we are going to tell you about eight such steps to start your event management company or business, following which you can make a plan to start your event management company. By the time you reach the end of this Article, you will know what is required to start a successful event management company and whether this business idea will be the perfect choice for you or not. You must have already known this.

First of all, know what skills you will need to start an event management company business these skills are event planning skills, organizational skills, communication skills, networking skills, basic understanding of events, client approach, and problem problem-solving skills. , Negotiation Budgeting and Multitasking. On the basis of all these skills, you can also guess how much skill would be required to start an event management business. So are you ready? Aps. So let us move ahead and know whether formal education is compulsory for event management resume or not. So see, you do not need to have any special education or training to start this type of business. But if you complete a degree in hospitality, event planning, or tourism, then you will definitely get its advantage.

For this, many institutes in India offer many courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, such as BBA, and Event Management and if you plan to do a degree course, then you will have options for many such courses, including From this, you have to choose the suitable course for yourself after thinking carefully, keep this in mind. By the way, you should also know that apart from degree courses, you can also do the basics of event planning through books, so leave no stone unturned in this too. Let us know what will be the steps to start your event management business. The first step is to point out your unique style. You must know that there is a lot of competition in the market and in this competitive world, only your unique style can make you a successful event planner. So find out your unique style.

Now focus on what unique you can offer to clients and move on to the next step with your unique idea. Step number two. Get some experience. If you have taken that experience in a reputed event management company before starting your company, then this business will become very easy for you. Therefore, if you want, first take some experience in this field. Understand the details of the work. Identify the lows and highs of this business and then start your business. Doing this can be really profitable for your business.

Step Number Three Identify your target market. To start your company, you also have to identify the target market properly and for this, you have to use what kind of events you are going to conduct. Some companies do industry-specific event planning, some focus on one market, which could be corporate or wedding events. If you start your business keeping in mind the needs and trends of the customers, then you will be greatly benefited.

Step number four is to get the certification license and registration. There are many certifications available for event planners from various organizations and one of the best certifications is ISO certification. Event Management Company. Apart from this, your company should also have proper license and registration such as Additional Collector Office, Fire Brigade, Local Police Station, Traffic. No Objection Certificate from the Police Department. The Indian Contract Act governs contracts between event planners, hotels, and commerce. GST registration and If you are going to serve alcoholic beverages at the event, you must have a liquor license and must also have a Public Works Department license.

Step number five Build a strong network. If you have any prior knowledge of event planning, then it will be easy for you to maintain good relations with the venue owners and suppliers and you will be able to get the goods at an affordable rate. And if you have good contacts in your field, then you can get a lot of profit on venue rental and printing costs. But even if you are completely new in this field, you can build your own strong network and for this make a team of suppliers on the basis of your investment. Which includes many service providers like Florist, Caterer, Decorator, Interior Designer, Set Designer, Printing Agency, Photographer. Maintain good relationships with vendors as well so that you can get the best things at the lowest prices because becoming an event planner will take more remodeling only when you are able to save more. That is, the cost of your event planning will be largely based on your networking skills. That’s why it would be better that you sharpen your skills as much as you can because it will be of great use to you. comes forward.

Sixth Step Be clear about investment. To start your event management business, you will need at least a good laptop, 5 to 6 skilled workers, and a working capital investment of 1 to 3 lakhs per month to maintain the rest of the running cost. Rest, this amount will also depend on the chosen event services. So be clear about your investment and arrange money accordingly.

Make a website along with step number seven. Through the website, you can not only showcase your work but also attract more and more clients with the help of Test Pneumonia. You can also connect the website to your Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages. Also, more and more people will come to know about your business, and that too should approach you for organizing events.

Next comes step number eight. Do marketing of your business. There are many ways to promote your business, but remember that nothing is better than word-of-mouth publicity. And for this, you have to maintain the quality standards in the events. Apart from this long-term marketing strategy, you can use marketing strategies like Facebook, Twitter, brochures, post blogging, email marketing, and business cards as a short-term strategy. So, friends, these eight steps will surely help you in starting an event management business.

But one tip is very important here and that is that after starting this business you will have a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes more workload and burden can also come. In such a situation, if you forget your creativity and start thinking of following the same pattern or start doing it after getting too much influence from others, then you will not be able to succeed. Because this business is of creative ideas, if you think only about profit, then you will have more loss and if you focus on creative ideas, then you will only get profit. That’s why consider it as your passion rather than your business. success will follow

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